WD Photo does not publish all my pictures

I am sure someone has had this experience and found a solution.  To date,  I have had a frustrating, none productive customer service encounter with phone support.  I have talked the Level 1 in the Dom Rep 8 times, gotten to Level 2 support twice (the first time the guy was really helpful, but the fix only lasted for a short while and I was able to add an additional 1500 pictures).  The engineers will not call me back because they are trying to replicate my proble (not sure what that means).

I have about 56,000 pictures that I am trying to view on my iPad and iPhone from a MBL, 2TB drive.  I had it online for about 17 days and it has only published about 6,000 pictures that are visible on the WD Photo app on my iPad and iPhone. I am told that the MBL has to convert, but there has been no change for 5 days with no change.  The MBL also has about 18,000 music files and 400 videos.

Quick background…

In the first 10 hours, MBL published about 1200 pictures.  Then aburtly stopped.  After calling and working with Level 2, another 1500 became visible.  Then, over the last 2 weeks, the remaing 3200 became visible in the WD Photo app. 

What is working well?

I can see all the pictures in WD 2 Go on my iPad.  All the directory structure is there, but it is a pain to look at one picture at a time.  I can play music using WD 2 GO on my iPad.  The iTunes server is working and I am able to play music from other iTunes enabled devices on my network.  I can download files over the internet with WD 2 Go web access.  In web access, I can play music, see the directory structure, download files, see all the pictures and upload files.

My journey thus far…

Over the past couple of weeks I have done the following based on conversations with Level 2 support and following good posts read in the forums:

On device

- Raised the cache on the iPad to 5GB

- Deleted and resinstalled the WD Photo app

- Rebooted the iPad


- Updated MyBookLive 02.02.02-020 : Core F/W

- Rebooted MBL

- Run both diagnostics (nothing showed bad)

- Conducted a full factory restore

- Restarted the server

- Disabled and reenabled web access

- Disabled and reenbled TwonkyMedia and iTunes from admin page

- Shot down the MBL and restarted

- Replaced the ethernet cable

- From the TwonkyMedia maintenance page, rescanned the drive and rebuilt the database 3 times (each time, the 56K+ pictures are recognized)

In order to give the server more processing time:

- Turned off web access for 6 days

- Turned off the iTunes server for 6 days

- Disabled the Twonky service for 6 days.

The light blinks once every 20 seconds, so I could not determine if the system was still working the conversion.  As of today, the number of published pictures is still just shy of 6 thousand.

I am a Macbook Pro and iMac user.  The MBL is connected to an Apple Extreme router with an ethernet cable.  The router is connected by ethernet the Verizon Router.  The Verizon is my DMZ allowing wireless connection.  There are no other devices plugged into the Extreme or Verizon routers.  I moved entire, existing directory trees when I added the pictures, music and video files to MBL.  I did not copy them a folder at a time. I am using 282GB on the 2TB MBL.

It is time to trash the MBL and get a new one?  Or is there something else I can do to get all the pictures to show on WD Photos?

Found the answer:  The engineers are not sure what causes this problem.  They have taken it as an action to research, but there is no know fix.  

I was able to get more of the photos to show.  Now, about 26,000 are visibie.  I turned off the Twonky server and remote access.  With those two services off, I restarted MBL.  That did the trick and more photos showed almost immediately.  

Is there any possibility that you had (or still have) any zero-byte jpg/jpeg files in any of your large collection of pictures.  I had several zero-byte jpg’s that came of the camera SD card (unknowlingly) and caused the transcoding of the photos in the affected sub-folders to “stall” for days.  After discovering and removing the zero byte files and rebooting the MBL - everything now seems fine.