WD Photo app - Pictures seems to be doubled in the database

Dear All,

I do have a strange problem. I put my pics in the Public Picture folder and my MBL started to convert the pics for my ipad and iphone. I thought it takes too long and tried to restard it by moving the pictures to another place and move them back to the Public Picture folder.

Now my WD finished the convertion and i can see my picture but in some subfolders my pictures appear double on my iphone and ipad. i resete the cash of the app but it seems like those pictures seem to be double converted on my MBL.

How can i delete the picture database (which the MBL creates for using the apps) on the MBL?

When i look those pictures on my ipad or iphone the thumbnails are allways double but only one of it shows the picture. but when i click on the one who does not i can see the full picture… really strange. It would be nice if I could delete this database of he converted pictures on MBL

please help

Best regards


Other than re-installing the app and clearing the cache, there’s not much I can suggest… At least on iOS, on Android you can erase the core installation, configuration and cache files using Root Explorer to change values.

…well it is not double on my iphone - it must be double on the mbl, cause when i checked it on my ipod touch by installing the app and look at the pics - they appeared double as well.

so there is a database created by the mbl which does not update proper - therefor i would like to delete it and recalculate all pics again.