WD photo and SE X10

Hello. I have installed the WD photo application on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, with Android 2.1

When I’m trying to connect to my MyBookWorld, the MioNet login is successful and I can see my NAS name under “My Resources”.

But when I tap on it first, the “first time setup” is done but then nothing happens. Tapping again and the screen scrolls to the right quickly and the same My Resources displayed again.

What can be the problem? Is there a fault with the WD Photo app, or my mobile, or maybe the MioNet account?


Hi dude!!

I have an X10 Mini Pro (On Android 2.1 update 1) and it works fine, but I had to reinstall and set my account 2 times in order for it to work… What if you reinstall the app?

Thanks for your reply, I have tried it, uninstalled and reinstalled the application several times, but the situation is still the same. :frowning: I can see my WD device under “My Resources” but can not access the contents…