WD Passport

Hello, I upgraded my iMac to OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5 and now my portable Drive (WD Passport) connected to computer doesn’t work. How to fix the problem? Thank you.

Please provided* “details”* on how your Passport does not work? Blue light blinking? Are you using Time Machine? Passport disc showing on your desktop?
Please detail ALL you have done so far in the way of troubleshooting? Need this info to avoid the been there done that scenarios.
The more details you provide, the more we can try to help you out.

Which Passport do you have? My Passport For Mac?

Before I upgraded my iMac to OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5 my external drive WD Passport has no problems for years. After I upgraded my iMac all of my external drives icons appears on desktop except WD Passport. But It’s looks like it works and light is blinking. I don’t use Time Machine.

I have “My Passport” for Mac.

If you installed the Passport utilities, UNINSTALL it. It’s not needed. Move the WD utilities to your Utilities folder & forget about it.
Try the following…
Repair permissions on (Macintosh HD) and restart your comp afterwards.

Reset the SMC - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964
Zap the PRAM - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379

Please report back the results.

I repair permissions on (Macintosh HD) and restarted my comp but still cannot see My Passport’s icon on desktop.

Did you uninstall WD utilities?
Did you reset the SMC?
DID you zap the PRAM?

Yes, I did it all. Results the same as before - I cannot see WD MY Passport on my desktop.

Try this solution which was presented by ranis in the My Passport for Mac isn’t recognised posting.

There is “wd drive utility” software that would launch upon start up that creates the problem, go here to delete it:
FINDER - GO - COMPUTER - LIBRARY - LaunchDaemons - com.wdc.WDPrivilegedHelper.plist
Then, go to

Restart your comp.

If the above does not work out for you strongly suggest that you research the forum if you have not already done so and/or call WD tech support for a solution if you are still under warranty.

Sorry, I am fresh out of ideas. GOOD LUCK!!!

Thank you for your advice.
I deleted file from library and unchecked drive utility in System Preferences - Users & Groups and Restarted my comp.
Same Result - I cannot see icon of my WD MY Passport on Desktop.