WD passport works only in USB 3, but not usb2

The drive is working nicely, except when I try to use it in a USB 3.0 port on my desktop (laptop is only 2.0). It gets power, but never shows up as a drive.

into the device manager when connect usb2 port  the external drive and drive not show

when connect into usb3 port show drive in my computer and device manager

with change usb cable (usb calbe for external drive usb2) my problem not solve

please help me

My Passport Essential SE 1 TB


Hello, avoid using USB extension cables or USB hubs, longer cables can cause power inconsistencies. Also check if you have the latest USB drives installed for your PC. 

Change USB cable but not solve
Cables are 20cm longer
What i do :frowning:

its definitely a problem with your setup. It works fine on my laptop’s usb 2 ports. 

re-check the laptop usb port, reinstall usb drivers, change cable. that’s all you can do

re install usb driver

check with 4 computer(desktop & notebooke)

change usb cable

but problem not solve!

when connect to usb 3 port display "usb not recognyzed …)

but show drive and can copy file or format drive

format low level wd drive.but no change problem

well then its a hardware problem. either the usb controller or your motherboard.

repairman say your wd drive Non-Repair !!!


find a better repairman