WD Passport wont read on any of my computers

Need help…

My external hard drive wont read on my computer. The computer only acknowledges it when I’m unplugging it and gives me a message to "Format Disk Now’. It reads fine on my TV and I can view all the media content thereon but when I try it on the PC, nothing. Very frustrated. I would format but I need a way of saving all my information from the HD first.

After days scouring the net without any success, figured the best place was the home of WD. So if anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it.

Something corrupted the partition table

try repairing the drive with chkdsk or another program

if you read a little you will see the most people use recovery applications in this type of situations

I have the same problem. It gives the format to use message as I unplug. Mac was reading it fine for a while, but no longer. I tried chkdsk, but it only works for connected and recogonized drives.



Try using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics  to test and erase if possible