WD Passport Wireless - Using on Mac and Windows Simaltaneously

Dear Community Members,

May be this question has been asked but i couldn’t find it when i searched the forum.

I have a WD Passport wireless, I have not connected it using USB since the time i bought it. I have configured it wirelessly using Mac. Both windows and mac connect wirelessly to the drive. Its a new drive and not used by me until 2 days back.

I moved songs and documents from windows -> drive -> mac. Once i copied everything from drive to mac, i cannot copy any other songs from my windows to the drive. It says "Drive / files is write protected. Similarly i cannot copy data from mac to drive.

What i need
I want to continue using drive wirelessly with 2 way data (upload and download) from mac and windows i.e. i should be able to upload files from windows and download on mac and vice versa.

Please advice a solution. :grinning:

PS: The drive is updated to latest firmware

Thank you



You should be able to connect the drive to both computers using the USB cable.

Can you please try to move the files connecting the drive physically to see if it does the same?

Dear ERmorel,

Thank you very much for the solution. It indeed works on both the devices using USB. Can you explain how can I configure it to run wirelessly on both the OS. That would be of great help.