Wd passport wireless pro - no network broadcasted

As far as I can read, the WD Passport Wireless Pro is at the first startup supposed to broadcast a WIFI network ID that other devices can see and connect to with the provided password.
After this first connect you can start configuring the passport with the onboard tools and/or use the app(s) provided by WD.
I don’t see any MyPassport (or similar) network on any of my devices when starting my new WD Passport Wireless Pro. Neither on an Android phone (Galaxy Note 8), on an iPad nor on two different Windows 10 PCs.
I have tried rebooting the WD Passport Wireless Pro (pressing both buttons simultaneously). It did reboot (sequences of 3 short and 1 long blink of all LEDs), but the situation was no better afterwards.
When connected to a Windows PC by USB, Windows claims that it’s not a valid USB device.
Should I take it back to the shop or have I overlooked something?


Please refer to the following KBA article: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/28639/

Hi Logan,

As one of the answers say “ When the Wi-Fi LED is solid blue, the device is ready for use.“.
When the Wi-Fi LED never turns solid blue, you are sort of stuck and can’t get any further.

Arne E. Jørgensen