WD Passport USB 2.0 Power Booster Cable

Hi to all, I would like to buy the “WD Passport USB 2.0 Power Booster Cable” (Model: WDCA029RNN), but there isn’t on online italian store and I can’t contact the support because my problem is in the FAQ with the answer: buy on line the product… but I can’t buy from the USA online store, because is not possible send outside of America and I can’t buy from the Europe/Italian store, because there is not the product… How can I do to buy it?

Does someone help me? Thank you,

Fabio Panzeri, from Italy


I need the cable, beacuse I used the My Passport Essential SE with a MacBook Pro and when it isn’t in charge, the portable hard disk is off by itself…

Sorry for my English language, I hope that you understand everything and I explained too.


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you have a pm!

I replayed at mp. 10Q. Fabio

I’d like to ask what the solution was.

I live in Hungary and would like to know how can I get WDCA029RNN (WD Passport USB 2.0 Power Booster Cable).
No WD online store for my country and that special cable isn’t listed in any of the European online WD stores.
I found this topic with the “Power Booster” keywords. Thanks in advance for the answers.