WD Passport Ultra

I have a WD Passport Ultra and I keep getting popups telling me to click on it for updates. But, nothing happens when I click on the message where it says to do so. What needs to be done to get the updates? Thank you for your anticipated help.

I have a 4TB My Passport Ultra (for years) and i have never ever recieved any “popups” about clicking on things to update

I would be very very cautious and make sure you don’t have a virus / malware / ransomware hiding on your PC.

@carol101 Which WD Passport Ultra do you own?


Hello, I have the WD 1TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External Hard Drive, USB-C - WDBC3C0010BSL-WESN

I am a novice at using these back up devices therefore I have asked for help which I didn’t see in the online manual. Thank you.

@carol101 You may want to check this often to see if it shows any updates or changes for your device.


Have you already looked at this? Be sure to scroll down and look at Resources> Product Support.