WD Passport Ultra saving multiple saves of each file

On my old Passport, I was able to save 5 earlier versions of each of my files so I could go back to see earlier revisions. I can;t figure out how to set that with my new Passport Ultra. The WD Drive Utilities says I have Product: 25EA Firmware Revision 4005.
The WD Software Product Rev is Version 1.9.6598.18388.

How do I save earlier versions with the new Passport? I want to make sure also if the file in the computer is deleted, I still have versions of the file backed up in the Passport. Thanks. Alan.

Hi AlanK,

WD Backup keeps up to 5 older versions of each file in History folder inside WDBackup.swstor folder. WD Backup can restore the last 5 most recent version of a file if the file is overwritten or deleted by mistake. You may refer below article for more details about this.


Hi Brandon,

  1. The old version allowed the quantity to be selected. 5 was only one of the options. Is there a way to select how many backup versions for Window operating systems.

  2. The new Passport IO bought is for my wife’s Apple iMac. WD links you provided recommends using Apple backup program rather than WD Backup. Does the iMac Apple backup provide 5 versions or what?

Thanks Alan.

How do you do that?

I looked on K:\WD Backup.swstor and only see the file for the latest backup. Where are the previous backups? How do you view the previous backups?