WD Passport Ultra not being let go by computer

I have this Passport Ultra. New to me and my first external HD. I’m using it to migrate to a new Win 7 machine from an XP machine. I was trying to Eject this HD from my new Win 7 machine after I thought I had finished using it and the Win software keeping telling me that Windows was still writing to it, or something like that. I let it sit for a minute or two and Windows wouldn’t let me Eject it. Finally, I had to turn the machine off. Anyone have an idea what’s going on here?

If they are big files it may take some time ti finish writing. Try going into the device Manager and find the drive. Then right click and select properties then policies and check Enable Write Caching.


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Windows does that sometimes. I have seen that when I get that message, if I leave it connected and come back after 15-20 mins I am able to eject the drive. But if you can’t wait that long, the best option is what you did already…reboot the computer.

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