WD Passport Ultra issue that i cannot resolve


facing problem on WD passport ultra.

  1. Disk management able to see WD Unlocker (30MB UDF) but WD passport ultra drive is UNKNOWN, 931.48GB, Not initialized, Unallocated. Tried to set MBR or GPT unsuccessful. (Drive set password, is that this the caused?)

  2. key in password to unlock drive, takes long time to loading. it will disconnected from USB (followed by warning message “USB device not recognized”) or showing “Fail:get_isLocked” message.

  3. Tried using WD security but unable to access and no option to disable password.

  4. Tried using WD Data lifeguard diagnostic, unable to detect WD passport ultra.

  5. tried firmware update, failed and unable to access drive (perhaps is due to password protected).

i need advise how can i proceed further to recover the data inside the passport ultra.