WD Passport Ultra DIED

I’m posting here because I’m pretty frustrated and disappointed. I own 2 external drives for external back up for my Mac mini. One is an Ultra and the other is an Elements ext hdd,
On one Ultra (3TB), I back up all my data using SuperDuper back up app, with bootable feature.
On the second hdd (Elements) I back up my Final Cut Pro data, which is super important.
I’ve used both hdd, without incident, for about 9 months or so.

Recently, I had a data problem on my Mac and attempted to reinstall my Super Duper back up to restore key files. To my surprise, the Ultra wouldn’t boot and wasn’t even detected by Mac Finder! I had just done a back up on it two days prior.
Although I’m an intermediate tech, I called my tech friend and explained my situation.
To my further dismay, he explained that the Passport series was somewhat unreliable and that he has had numerous “fail repairs” done in his shop. More often then not. it’s a hardware problem.
I was stunned. Here I had trusted my most sensitive and priceless data to a questionable line of hard drives. Whether it was conjecture on my friend’s part or not, I was shocked and motivated to stop using these drives.
That said, I’ll be dumping my FCP data on the Elements drive to a new LaCie external. And I’ll be re-backing up my data on my mac to a secondary LaCie ext hdd.
I understand that no hdd manufacturer is perfect, and I’ve always trusted WD drives. But I simply can’t take any more chances when it comes to my back up drives, and their integrity.
Sorry, all.