WD Passport Slim just.. died


I have a less than a year old WD Passport Slim 2TB external drive. Maybe half full or little bit less at the moment. Yesterday I was transfering some files to it when suddenly my Mac informed me that the disk had been rejected and that next time eject the disk politely, the message you get if you don’t eject your drives or cards.

After this the laptop doesn’t see the drive any more. Yes, turned computer on and off. The drive is on when I plug it in, the light is blinking and I can hear the spinning. At first the drive didn’t show up in disk utilities either, then I plugged it into a PC (didn’t show up but didn’t really expect it to) and after this when I plugged it back to my mac it showed in drive utilities. And then not. And then yes. There is no consistency in terms of this.

One of the times it did show up I tried the Repair disk - function with the following message:

Any thoughts? As per usual I would really really really need the files on this drive.

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Unfortunately it looks like data corruption to me but it can also be a connectivity issue. Try replacing the USB cable first and then a data recovery software before formatting the hard drive.