WD Passport shows up empty

I knocked my harddrive off the table while downloading some files. Now the disk shows up as “Local Disk” but without any files on it. When I look at the properties is shows 0 disk space. The drive shows up in Disk Management with 700 gigs of space but completely empty. 

I have tried to use EaseUs to recover the lost files but the program won’t search anything but my C drive and I can’t find any options to perform a recovery of my external drive. 

I also used a program called Test Disk to search the external drive but it says “No Partition Available” 

I have read through many similar posts but non of them seem to actually get to the point of solving this issue other than some guy posting a few links to data recovery software and saying “good luck”. Does anyone know how a program that will actually be able to recover my files? 


Most of the programs work but you need to take in consideration the damage on the drive

it used Minitool Data recovery and worked for me

I’ve also used TestDisk and Recuva

is a matter of trial and error

If you dropped the drive it is frequently beyond do it yourself fixes or recovery.