WD passport recovery with MAC


I would urgently need help please!

Once I managed to make my WD passport work both on my MAC and PC and have saved files on it. However when I tried to use now again it has now came up as a driver on the PC and must have done something as now I cannot see any data on it what so ever.

Now I’m trying to recover it on my MAC, but cannot find a program that is reliable and would defenitely work to recover all my data.

I tried Remo Recover as suggested by other, however it does not recognise my WD passport as a driver, therefore I cannot recover it. Athough it does show up in Finder as “New Volumw” and also in Disk Utility I can see as WD Passport 1T.

Please can you help me how to recover the data first and then make it work again!?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello, just be sure to use the cable that came with the passport, if you are using a longer cable or don’t have it connected to the computer it might not get enough energy.  Try using Recuva on your windows computer.

yeah, you corrupted the drive passing it back and forth from windows to mac.  if you can see it in disk utility, then that pretty much explains it.  like alucardx23 says, you can try Recuva on it.  but if you are wanting to use the drive between the two platforms then you’ll need to format it for one and get a software to read that format for the other.


Thanks for your answer - I have used the original cable and also another program which helped me recover all the files. Thanks for your help again!

Many thanks for your answer as well - I have done some research and have discovered that I cannot just connect the external HDD from a PC to a MAC. However I have now managed to solve the problem and will remember this in the future!

Thanks again!