WD Passport Reached Files But Wont open

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as you can see in the pictures above :
my problem is different than any common problem my problem is that I can find my hard on my computer unlike others their computers wont even read the hard drive but mine does read it and I can actually open it but the files there are different  the last picture I posted is to show the difference in the view of normal files and the strange appearance of the files on my hard the problem is that I can’t access my folders they act like a shortcut of nothing I can easily format it but I don’t want this as I have 400 KGB Data the problem occurred when I was getting some games from a friend’s laptop which he says isn’t virused I got games like “Spiderman2” “Assassin’s Creed” “Mario” some films and when I got home to copy them to my computer I found this tried everything scanning and fixing nothing changes the folders are still inaccessible but the hard drive shows that there is data inside it shows that they are still there but I can’t get to them now anyone who can please help me this cuz I don’t really want to lose this all this data so easily I hope I have to do something else but formatting I don’t think so … Thanks In Advance


Unfortunately it is probable that your problem is being caused by a virus. You can try scanning the hard drive with an anti virus to see if it helps, but if the problem continues you might need to format it. 

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if you can recommend special antivirus program I’d be thankful because I’ve used norton it didnt find anything and I wish you can have anything else but formatting I dont want to .

Personally I use a free Anti virus called panda cloud, you can try that one but I cannot guarantee that it will work. Another thing that you can try is using a data recovery program, you can find a lot of free options online by doing a quick Google search. 

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Thanks So Much You’ve really helped me with this

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No problem, hope you can recover your files. :wink: