WD Passport - Problems and Compatibility

I purchased a WD Passport 1TB about three years ago and was able to transfer all data from my Windows XP desktop and subsequently onto my laptop, which had Windows 8/8.1. I now have Windows 10, but the laptop doesn’t seem to recognise the device, even though it shows as being up and running in Device Manager. It did work originally, but I recently wanted to retrieve some documents from the Passport, but was only able to do this on another laptop which currently only supports Windows 8.1 (it can be ungraded, but do not wish to do so at this time). It appears, therefore, that it may be necessary to purchase a new Passport. My question is, though, is the Passport compatible with both Windows 8,1 AND Windows 10, as I intend to transfer the data from both laptops onto the Passport? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


As a recommendation, make sure that you have all the latest updates available for the USB ports on your computer.

Most of the portable drives are plug and play and they should work with most of the OS on the market. Keep in mind that by the time your passport came out, Windows 10 was not available yet.