WD Passport only works on USB 3.0 ports

I have a 500gb WD My Passport that I have been using for a few months now with no issue. Just recently it fails to be recognized on USB 2.0 ports. I’ve reformatted, updated firmware, checked the disk management (Shows up when connected to 3.0, nothing when connected to 2.0). I’ve verified this same behaviour with two other computers with the same results. All under fully updated Windows 7

Looking for any advice,



My recommendation will be to try it with another USB cable, if possible please try another USB 3.0 cable to verify if the issue remains or you can also try a USB 2.0 cable to verify if the drive will be seen on a USB 2.0 port using a USB 2.0 cable. Also for troubleshooting purposes please try it on another operating system (Windows XP or Vista)