WD Passport not recognized

Hi there, my WD Passport is not recognized by my HP Laptop (Windows 8). The device uses USB 3.0 compatible with USB 2.0. I cannot see the device on device management or under disk management. The unit is brand new and have never used it before. I have also tried to see if my IMAC recognizes it, and i have the same problem.


I recommend you try changing the USB cable. If the issue remains then it is possible you got a bad drive.

any buzzing sounds when you connect it?

the first time when i connected it was making lots of noises, now it’s just the light blinking although if i put it in my ear i can hear like if it was working.

I have tried with a different cable and the same

if the drive is making abnormal sound then it is mechanical failure of the drive. If data is important then you would need to contact data recovery specialists.