Wd passport not recognized / not initialized

ive been using the drive for 6months and then after that when i plugged it in this morning it automatically disconnects and connects again

i tried to switch cables with my seagate goflex but its still not working, i also tried to plug it in different computers, windows xp, ubuntu, red hat and mac osx but it cant be detected, i tried it on my friends win7 (safe mode) but it only appears as a cd drive and on disk management it appears not initialized,

i need to recover all of the files on this 500gb drive please help, i already attached the screenshots including the one in r-studio as i already tried to recover the files from that program, i also tried the wd diagnostics and it says that the drive has a lot of bad sectors 

the safe remove button also appears on the system tray and also on the properties it appears as wd 0730 just like with everyone who is having the same problem, anyone has a solution to recover my files? the drive spins properly and the light is on the drive is solid, this drive has never been dropped or whatsoever and is in good condition when the problem occured

The too many bad sectors means the drive needs to be replaced

make sure to test with different recovery utilities to restore the data

Try Test Disk or Recuva to name a few

tried test disk earlier and this is the result

will try recuva later and then ill post the images again

WD please help us.:cry: