WD Passport Not Recognized By My Computer and Then Data Seem To Be Petitioned Off from Access

Dear Support,

I have purchased a WD Passport drive (deleted) that was puchased about half a year ago. I stored a lot of data in there as a back up and recently tried to retrieve these data but somehow my computer no longer recognize it. After searching for a solution on the web, I went to the diskmanagement and tried to manually assign a drive letter to the WD drive to make the computer recognize it. However, the data seem to be somehow petitioned off on a seperate sector of my WD Passport drive and off from any access.

When I go to “My Computer”, I see the original drive is now labeled as “SYSTEM RESERVED (Z:)”. This drive seems to exist no matter I connect my WD Passport or not. When I DO connect WD Passport to my computer, the white light blinks and it seems to be spinning, but nothing shows under “My Computer”. The "“SYSTEM RESERVED (Z:)” is empty, but when looking at Disk Properties, it has 70% free space availble and it has 30% of space used that cannot be accessed.

My questions are as below

  1. Why there’s a disk “Z” that seems to be available no matter I connect WD Passport or not?

  2. How can I retrieve my data from WD Passport? I have some important data stored on there and I’m extremely afraid to loose them.

I’m attaching a snap shot of the drive herein.

Thanks a bunch


I would suggest you contact a data recovery company for retreival of the data


Thank you for you reply and I’d prefer using a data recovery service as a last resort and in addition, since the drive is still under warranty WDC should compensate me for the recovery service. Anybody who has any other better suggestions?

So, the drive shows up in Disk Management, but not in My Computer?  Does it show up as one partition in Disk Management?  What color is the bar in Disk Management - black or blue?


If the drive does not show up in My Computer, how are you able to see it’s properties?