WD passport not recognized by anything

My passport stopped working after I restarted my computer last night for some reason. I tried going to disk management to change it’s name but it’s not there. It’s not being recognized by any of the recovery programs either. I can’t even format it (it says 0 bytes raw in “MyComputer” however I can’t do anything to it) I tried it on my windows 7 laptop and windows XP tower same issue :confused: On windows 7 it says “No device found” then it disappears from my computer hard disks list. While on windows XP it just stays there doing nothing. 

Any help :O? 

Try with another USB cable, shorter than 18 inches.  If the issue persists you may contact WD to request a drive replacement.

Same exact issue here… My passport is in brand new condition rarely even moved off of the desktop it sits on.  I do not leave it plugged into my computer and probably only plug it in about once a month when I have a substantial enough amount of data accumulated to dump onto it… so it has sat unused and unabused for well over 99% of the time that it has been owned.

Therefore, this seems to be to be far beyond the lightest possible use of this product by a user that should have been anticipated in the design of this thing (esp. with a name suggesting portability like “the passport”).  I have read through a bunch of threads enough to see the same troubleshooting tips popping up… all of which I have tried (i.e. unplug and plug back in; plugged into all 3 usb ports on my laptop; using a wire under 18in. long… Still using the original cord that came with the product).

I was discuraged to see the responses from WD support in the majority of the messages that I have read through.  I was beginning to get the feeling that the standard policy was to blame wear and tear and improper usage as the reason for every device malfunction.  However, I saw this tread and am curious how one goes about requesting a replacement from WD

I’m having the same problem. I have window 7 64-bit. It was working fine for a year and half and all of a sudden my laptop stopped recognizing my WD passport and WD my book. Luckily for “my book” I was able to download the driver from WD website but unfortunately for my passport I wasn’t as lucky as there were no driver available for the one I have which is WD2500xms-00. I’ve never dropped it and I was alway careful before unplugging it by making sure its safe to unplug. 

When I plug my passport to my laptop it doesn’t show in disk management but it shows in device manager under “Universal Serial Bus Controller” as unknown device with a yellow exclamation mark. I’ve follow advises that states to uninstall and re-install but it doesn’t work. Please help.