WD Passport My Ultra 2.5 in 1 TB external drive does not work with centos (and slow with winxp)

I have a lenovo Edge E 431 centos6.1 machine that I plugged the passport into. It recognized the drive. It also shows that data written to the drive is successful but I don’t see the data when I plug the drive into a windows 7 machine.

I then put a windows xp virtual machine on the lenovo centos and connected to it. The data transfer rates are very less (of the order of 16 bytes / second). What can I do to troubleshoot. 

I know that my passport is not supported out of the box with linux / centos versions but centos is compatible with all windows drives (my earlier drives work well). I am not sure what is wrong with this and how to troubleshoot,.

The drive works fine with windows 7 machine

Thanks for any inputs


Unfortunately, this may relate to device optimizations designed for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS, an associated USB 3.0 drivers. If the disk drive operates as intended within a Microsoft Windows 7 environment then you may need to confirm with the CentOS Community if there are dedicated drivers designed for the device on this system, or if it needs a special configuration.

Please bear in mind this is not supported by Western Digital, and I am only providing a suggestion.