WD Passport message to format drive

When I plug my external hard drive into my computer it gives me a message telling me ‘cannot read drive F: and to format the drive’.  Well I don’t want to format it because then I will lose all of the information. This hard drive is only 5 months old.  I took it to best buy (where I bought it) and the geek squad guy said it crashed his computer and the backup computer when he plugged it in.  Has this happened to anyone else? I’m hoping my data can still be recovered.


I am not sure why exactly your drive kept crushing geeks quads computers, but I am very confident that your data can be recovered with proper equipment.

if your drive is asking for formatting, then the problem is with the file system most likely. Its not a big problem in most cases, and software like R-studio and lots of others can help. Unless one of the heads inside the drive is on its way out. We see these drives come in for recovery almost everyday. Normally places like future shop would have some 3rd party recovery software that they would try and scan the drive with. They are really not the ppl who know a lot about hard drives and how to fix/recover them. I’d recommend to have the drive tested by a specialist if it keeps freezing, I am sure there are companies local to you who do this kind of service and usually evaluations are free for these problems. If the failing head is what’s causing the issue with crashing, then running recovery software is the last thing you wanna do if data is important.

For example if your drive has a microscratch that hangs the drive every time when heads are reading over it - that scratch will keep messing the head up even further, and only get bigger and bigger forming full scratch ring on the drive.


the same way, My passport crashed my own PC,  now this is how it appeare on MY COMPUTER as partition “M” and when Im trying to format my passport but WIN7 is unable to do it,


 I tried using Acronis true image but a message came that:


I dont need any of the data on this drive, just want to format and use my passport again

please advise