WD Passport Locked


I am having WD Passport Hard drive (500GB). I have not set any password for the hard drive. But Now my hard disk is showing locked. I dont know any password for this. I have used this hard drive 1 week back. But now I am not able to access this.

Can anybody let me know, how to unlock the hard disk as I am having critical data in this. I dont want to format.



Sorry for the news but the only way to enter the drive is to format you can at least try some data recovery agent to see if they can recover the data for you.

A few people were that did not set a password and found drive locked have had sucess from trying to access the drive from a different user account like the guest account. If that doen’t help you are out ot luck.


I did not setup a password and it was working fine for 3 months

From last  week it is now asking for a password suddenly.

All my critical data is at risk :neutral_face:

When I start smart wd it is disabling the drive option so i cannot check setting either…

Try accesing it from another account like the Guest account. A fewhave had sucess with that.


i tried…not success :frowning:

I’m having the same problem!!

I didn’t set any password, and all of a sudden it started asking me for one.

I don’t know what to do! I can’t format the HD because I CAN’T lose the files!!!

Did you find a solution??

How can I use a different acount to try your tip?

Thank you!!

If you have more than one user setup on your computer, you can login to any of the other accounts, for example the Guess account and try to access the external drive from that account.

I would recommend you contact at data recovey agency or RMA the unit it doesnt sound like a simple issue that cant be resolved.