WD Passport Lite Password-able? 2013 or older


I have two WD Passport external drives from years ago that I use for back up of my back up.
After a beer spill on laptop keyboard last night…first time ever…my computer is back up and running.
I am now backing up everything again. Last back up on this device was 2013.

It’s working. I have reloaded the WD 3200BEV External USB Device through cut and paste. Files open etc…

I am looking for the interface to use with it. Is there one to download? I am especially interested in password protecting it! Can I do it and how can I do it? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you for you help.


Please post the exact model number of the drive. “WD Passport” is just too general to know what features are available.