WD Passport is not accessible


My Info:
Windows 10
WD Passport USB 3.0

A few weeks ago I was rushing to a printing retail store chain to get my photos printed. They’ve got their own customized computers with their own software and I think they were not compatible with WD. I was in rush so I plugged my WD Passport and messing around with their computers and I could not access my drive on their computers. When I got home and plugged the drive on my laptop I got this (see image attached) and have no idea how to deal with. Instead of seeing my drive (E:), I have “EDS-USB” which I’d seen on the store computer. I’ve done some research but it seems I’m the only one who got into this trouble.
Since the drive connects to my laptop instantly and there is no physical damage, I reckon it has trouble with the software.

I’m not sure what to expect but it would be great if I could access my hard drive without losing any data in it.

Thank you very much.


Hello, AprilNguyen,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.
To Contact WD for Technical Support


This morning when I want to use my WD Passport Ultra 4TB to start my work. I was typing error of the password one time. So I re-type the password again and wait the screen to contact it normal. But no this screen show. Then I un-Plug the USB cable and plug again to my WIN7 OS computer.

However, after I type the right password then it show the G: drive to me. Just show a Unformat Partition to me. And I can’t see any thing on the drive. So I only a Notebook Computer at home. So I don’t know is it only this computer problem or try to contact another computer resume normal. Must wait next Monday after I return Office. Anyone know what’s going on of my case?