WD Passport Icon not showing on mac

I recently reformated (successfully, I think) my WD passport (1TB) from PC to Mac, so I could now use it to back up my files on my new MacBook Pro.  The computer knows the drive is plugged in as it shows up in my Finder as “My Passport” and also as “WD Smartware”.  Via those channels all I’m capable of doing is trying to reinstall the software, which I obviously don’t need to do b/c it reminds me it’s already installed. However, the user guide said that an icon for WD Passport (Yellow) should pop up on my desktop and it does not.  I can’t see the all important screen where my options are to retrieve, back up, etc.  I can’t find the icon.  Need help!  

This will depend on the Mac configurations 

if it shows in finder the drive is working

you can go to preferences and check the option for the drive to appear on the desktop