WD Passport - How to delete files issue


I have a WD passport that is about 8 years old now.

I’ve recently accessed it again and am trying to delete some files on it to make room for other stuff.

Every time I try and delete something on it through my MacBook, it says ‘unable to delete’.

Why am I unable to delete anything?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hi LiamA,

If you are unable to delete a particular file from the external drive then check that the file is not in use by any other program of the computer.

It isn’t and the deleting issue is happening with every file I try.

I have the same issue. I cannot delete files from my WD passport nor can I put files onto it from my laptop. This is so frustrating. WHY? PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!

You are using it on macOs or windows??

MacOS Sierra