WD Passport Fix - I am a Genius!

After purchasing My Passport and “BACKUP” as you would expect to do, I found that all files were scattered and renamed with unrecognisable codes…So I Deleted files which then deleted my security and WD Dumbware from my Passport…not realising this was a blessing in disguise …

I found after browsing through this community that many have issues with Passport and WD Dumbware, this is what I have found:-

  1. Even though Passport says “Portable” treat it with care, do not move it when operating, do not shake, knock or drop even a small distance as you risk losing your data, and store in a padded case someware safe.

  2. Many are trying to rid themselves of this WD Dumbware for many reasons so heres the fix:

Just go to this Link: 


  1. To Reformat and Repartition your Disc Just go here:


Now Enjoy the rest of your life, you are free to leave this community lol…Azzek

This does not remove the hidden partition permamently, just hides it. It is hidden on a UDF partition (some call it a rootkit but that is debatable) and when you format or partition, it does not touch the UDF side. If you run some disk management tools, it will still show the UDF hidden partition.

You can format and repartition to your heats content but it will be there. Everyone has tried that link and many others like the u3tool, HP’s Low Level Format that worked removing this bloatware from Scandisk USB hard drives etc.