WD Passport External Hard Drives do not work after Mac Catalina Update

My mac is from 2013 WD Passport External Hard Drives do not work after Mac Catalina Update. Why is this? Do my driver’s have to be updated? Where are the driver’s. Other hard drives like my seagate do not work either. Please Help. Some people have got there’s working for late 2014 but mine still does not work. Can this be fixed.

Both of mine have crashed. They wont even switch on now.

I have a similar issue, I can see the drives on my mac mini (they are plugged into the USB ports), but anything else and I get the message “This operation can’t be completed because the original item “drive name” can’t be found.”

What exactly do you mean by 'do not work"? Do they still show up on your desk top?

Suggest -

  1. Shut down the Mac. Remove power cord from wall socket. Wait at least 30 seconds. Replace plug then restart.

  2. Boot into 'Safe Mode’ by restarting the Mac holding doen the SHIFT key until you see the Apple Logo. It will take quite a lot longer to boot up, but when it does you will see “Safe Boot” in red at the top right of the screen. You may either log in now or restart again. Suggest you log in rather than restart. See if your drives appear on your desktop. If so, open them up to see if they are working.

If they are, select ‘Applications’ from the Menu bar then ‘Utilities’. Open 'Disk Utility’. Use it to check each drive in turn starting with your MacIntosh HD. Click on ‘First Aid’ and let it run for each one. Note: If one of your external drives is your Time Machine backup, the first aid process should take several hours.

When all done, restart normally.

If your problems persist after restarting normally suspect third party software.

Do you have WD Software installed? Try completely uninstalling it. And I mean completely. This includes WD files in your Root Library folder and in your User Library folder. You can always re-install it again later if the problem hasn’t gone away (or if it has gone away and the WD software has since been updated).

I’m not saying WD Software has issues but after experiencing several problems with my drives I myself found they all went away after I thoroughly removed them.