WD Passport Essintal 1TB does not work on and computer

I bought a 1 TB WD Passport Essintal a few months ago. I decided to go ahead and place all the pictures from my camera cards on this drive. I formatted my camera cards for furture use as I take a lot of pictures. After I finished putting all my pictures from 2008-2012  I removed the drive the correct way.

The next day I wanted to print a few pictures and the drive will not display anywhere. I read alot of post and since then have tried on 7 different PC/laptops. I have ordered a new USB cord from WD and tried a few store bought cords. I have spent hours on the phone with WD and uninstalled and reinstalled the programs.

The only thing WD will do for me is replace it. I asked them how can I replace the births of 4 grandchildren, the graduation and marrage if 1 of them. There remark was so sorry.

I contacted the recovery place that they recommended and they quoted me $950.00. I am not rich by any means so I can not go that route. Any sugestions would be appreciated!!!

I have had numberous panic attacks over this. I live in a different state than my children and grandchildren and to know I have lost all my memories is killing me…

Thanks in advance

The basic things you already tried like cables and different systems are pretty much the extent of non-technical troubleshooting here.

Let me ask you this, does the disk show up in Disk Manager?
Does the disk power light come on? Does it spin up? Passport Essential disks are very smooth running and may difficult to tell if they are spinning. But it is an important clue to how we proceed next.

Also, be aware that not all data recovery companies charge $950.00
Depending on exactly how this disk is failing and what caused it, it could be considerably cheaper.
We just don’t know at this early stage of the game.

Also, the first thing with data recovery operations is to do no harm. Sounds like you have not started running utilities and scanners and repair programs - let alone HDD Regenerator or Partition and Format & Verification utilities. That’s a good thing for now!

Take this one step at a time. If this is a logical recovery and no internal damage is done to the disk mechanism, then, the price would be a lot cheaper!


Take a breath and DON’T Panic!   Keith is right, one step at a time. 

However you might be prepared to buy another portable harddrive in order to transfer files from the original.

Just don’t panic and keep asking questions. 

Listen to Keith.


Sorry for the delay in my answers I have been sick.

It shows up in Device Manager but not Disk/Storage admin. Multiple machines. Linux and windows.

Light does come on but continues to flash. Smooth spin, no stopping ot clicking.

I really appreciate you taking the time to try your skills/knowledge at helping me. I have 2 other externals but this was my first wallet sized. I bought it so I could take my pictures to KY with me to show my family.

You have probally heard this before but my pictures are my life. My children and their families live in KY and I live in FL. The thought of loosing all of them is driving me nuts…(now my husband will say I am already there)

Next step?

How does Microsoft’s UVCView utility see the external drive?

How do either of the following utilities detect your drive?

HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

HDDScan for Windows:

One step at a time. Let us proceed carefully with each and every step. Must not disturb the existing data.

When using HDDscan from hddscan.com, does the disk show up with a name or model number?

And what does the [SMART] button report? I’m interested in anything not green.