WD Passport Essentials FAT32 Mac


I am using my 500GB passport essentials and format it as fat32 for my mac OS 10.12 usage. and able to use it last week. However, when i tried to plugin this week, it is not detecting the drives.
the light on the drive is lit but i don’t hear any sound of the drive spinning as well.
I have search through forums but only recommend to:-

1.update the WD software- which i have done but no sign of it, even after reboot
2. run disk utility - done that but still not showing the passport

appreciates if i really need to send my external hardisk to data recovery team.

What do you see within Disk Utility? Are you able to share a screenshot?

as you see… its not detecting the external WD passport hdd.

I’m also face simillar to this issue, anyone can advice?