WD Passport Essentials drive continually disconnects/reconnect

Hi, I hope someone can help!

I have a WD Passport Essential SE 1TB (WDBABM0010BBK-00) that I have connected to a recently purchased Dell Latitude running W7 64bit.  I want to transfer some significant amount of data to it (that is what its for --right?) but once I commence starting to move some large files or folders over to it it frequently disconnects (disrputing the whole transfer) and then will reconnect.  It does not seem to remain connected for more than a minute or two, and not just during the data transfer but even when not transfering.  I tried a new USB 3.0 cable since another forum suggested that might be the problem but it did not change the situation.

When  the disconnect occurs in the middle of a data transfer I do get a pop up that says: “An error has occurred.  The destination folder does not exist.  It might be an offline network location or an empyt CD or DVD drive.  Check the location and try again.”  I also checked the system event log and there seems to be a warning “Event 51, Disk” associated when the disonnect events occur – “An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\DR2 during a paging operation”.  Also I reformatted the disk and also did a disk check, all indicating a healthy disk.

One last item – I also found and downloaded the WD SES Driver (64-bit) and installed it thinking that maybe that was a part of the problem but after doing that and trying to update the driver my system always informs me that I have the most up to date driver already installed.

If anyone has some advice that can fix this it is much appreciated.  Or if you think the data indicates I just have a defective drive in some way let me know, thanks.  The drive seems to fine other than this continual disconnecting!


You could try a different USB port. Some users that had problems with disconnections have been able to fix it when trying an USB that provides sufficient power to the drive.