WD Passport Essential USB 3.0 Power Issues

My 1 TB drive has been working fine for almost a year.  Today I plugged it into an NEC (powered) 4 port USB 3.0 hub and the hub’s blue power light goes out and my Windows 7 PC says “Power Surge on hub port.  A USB device has exceeded the limits of it’s hub port”

The WD drive does not light up and is not functional.  If i plug the WD drive directly into my USB 3 PCI card the blue light on the card goes out and I get no error message and the WD light doesn’t come on and it’s unusable.

If I plug the WD drive into any USB 2 port nothing happens.

WD drive worked fine earlier this morning and has not been dropped or physically damaged in any way. 

do you hear the drive spin up when connected to USB 3.0 port?

I hear nothing and get no light.  It acts as though it’s dead.

could be just a connector on PCB that is loose. try flexing it a bit. if nothing then pcb could be dead

Flex, Flex Flex.  dead