WD PASSPORT essential se 1T turn to RAW

my PASSPORT essential se 1T was bought for 2 month, carry a lot of important data.  Using

Now the disk turn to RAW, can be find on explore as “本地磁盘F”.
But can not be found on “Disk management” and most of the recovery software.
It canbe find on the hddscan , but no nothing can be operated.no detail information about

the disk on disk.

Well sometimes using using the converter that changes FAT32 to NTFS repairs iths. I’ve read it in a few different places here is a link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/214579


when it shows up in disk management and says raw, that implies that you corrupted your file system and now the partition can’t be read. you might also look for partition recovery software that can restore the partition.