WD Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 3.0 - only 1 device works at a time

Am having problems w/the Passport 1TB … problem does not occur with smaller Passport USB 3.0 devices.

I can plug one device and it works fine.  But when I plug in a 2nd USB 3.0 it is does not work.  When I change the order of plugging them in the same problem occurs … 1st device works the 2nd doesn’t.

This happens on both a Dell XPS 8500 and a Dell XPS 8700.

Has anyone seen this happen and figured out how to solve the problem.



Forgot to mention that when I plug in the 2nd device it does show up as a disk drive under control panel → device manager then expand disk drives.  But does not show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

And in the safe remove icon on the task bar it shows up as the generic USB Mass Storage Device type, but a specific device is not listed, for example Removable Disk (L) does not show up.


Came up with a solution.

Went to control panel->admin tools->computer mgmt->storage mmgt->disk mgmt

There was an entry for the 2nd device, but it said it was offline because of a disk signature collision.

So just right clicked the “offline” text and selected “online”, and the disk became available.

Not sure of the implications of disks same signature, but works for now.


Found this from another post …