WD Passport Essential - delayed write failed/ Diagnostic tests failed/safely remove failed

I’m using Passport Essential on a windows XP. It has been working well until today–I get repeated messages that files failed to copy. In Device Manager, the properties tab for this drive  indicates “this device is working properly” but the short and long diagnostic tests in the WD software both failed.

I’ve checked for previous solutions but can’t find the way to actually read the entire solution thread; I can only read just the last comments.

I also went through the troubleshooting program but got stymied when trying to disconnect the drive safely–the message was it couldn’t be stopped at this time  and to try again later.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Same thing happened to me once, I would recommend you to try different USB, different ports or a different computer, test the drive with the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics available on WD site my drive was repaired by the software then I reformatted it perhaps you should try this, if it fails the extended test you should replace it.