WD Passport Essential 500gb


Is there a way to force this drive to only use 2.0 usb speed?  I want to use it to backup some of my Wii settings but will not recognize 3.0 and I don’t think the Wii will automatically switch to 2.0, just locks. i have an older WD Passport 2.0 usb 500gbs that works perfectly. When I bought this drive I didn’t think the 3.0 would make a difference but I guess it does.

Any Suggestions and please be kind, I’m new at this.

Thank you

How is the old drive formatted NTFS or FAT32? Play Station only works with FAT32 you might want to check that too.


I have to use WBFS Manager 3.0 to format for the Wii but it has to start as a Fat32 format drive. You are correct that Wii consoles don’t use Fat or NTFS. My problem now is the new WD passport 500gb drives has 3.0 which it seems Wii can’t recognize hence trying to force 2.0 speed with the new drive.

Thanks for your reply.