WD passport essential 1TB not responding

when i connect my WD drive to my notebook, the whole computer halts. no response, no improvement even after a couple of minutes until i disconnect the drive from the notebook. recent purchase ( mid jan 2011), home use, and i dont regularly use the WD smart-ware for backing up the files, but i tried to open the WD smart-ware first and then connect the Drive. even then no response. please help me out  or i ll have no option but to return the product.

Try connecting to a different PC. If no change try to get a replacement using your warranty or look for a different product.

I made a post earlier that for me, all the solutions associated with this forum were ineffective. Additionally - the recommendation to replace the enclosure (which was a great idea) was not feasible either because WD has changed the way they build the S/ATA drive in the Passport Essential. It is inexplicable why they no longer emplace the bridge board in their drives, opting to instead build a proprietary design right into the drive. So - my recommendation is to go back to the old way of building the S/ATA drives with the bridge board so that users can more easily modify them for their own needs OR recover their lost data.