WD Passport Error backing up my PC hard drive - Data Error (cyclic redundancy check) - (0.80070017)

I get this error  message at the end of trying to back up my PC onto my WD Passport - WD1600ME.

Can anyone help me out it trying to fix this issue…much appreciated says - back up did not  complete succesfully

Running Windows Vista…I  know it **bleep**…Going to get W 7 soon.

Thanks for your time  in advance.


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Hi there, there are several things that can cause this, from copying a bad file to a bad sector.

How are you backing up the files? What if you format your drive and try again and check the moment it gives you the error to see if it is a file problem?

I’d also check the drive with DLG, HD Tune or the software you trust and like for testing.