WD Passport Drive - data Error (cyclic redundancy check)



I copied some files from a broken installation of windows small business server 2008 using an Ubuntu boot up disk, to a WD passport 500GB hd, roughly 2 years old and used once a week to watch DVDs on my TV (so not overused). I am trying to copy those files using windows xcopy function and getting the “data Error (cyclic redundancy check)” error. I have done chkdsk /f on both the new C drive and on the WD PP drive and there are no bad sectors. Most of the file on the disk (of which there are 50,000) copy fine, but just 3 very small files will not copy. Anyone has similar problems in the past. I am thinking that maybe it is due to the use of Ubuntu boot up disk (perhaps the files were never copied properly) rather than faulty hard disks.


Hello, it could be that the files are corrupted, you can try to restore the files using a data recovery program. Using Google you can find several options. 


My 1 TB My Passport External drive is showing Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Error). I get a prompt to format the drive. I Have some real important official stuff, any help?


I’ve never found much at wikihow that impressed me but here’s a page that will give you some hope and get you started:  CRC Error Fix

For things you don’t understand there, just let gogle find answers for you.

Main thing is, you’ve got to run that command window with administrator privilege.  You do that differently in every different version of Windows.  Again, just let google show you the way to run command prompt as administrator.

Because Windows’ graphic interface might not let you run checkdisk, that linked page shows you how to use the command line utlity for the same task.

Where those instructions say to launch diskpart be careful to type only that which they describe.  Diskpart is a very powerful utility.  Before you exit it, you can type help to see a list of some commands just to get an idea of things it can do.  Don’t try any of them without googling a bunch.

You’ll also need to learn to navigate to different drive letters and folders using the command prompt.  google will help you there, too.

Just make sure you know which letter your WD external drive is using.