WD passport Drive changes to Read only mode on MBP Mountain Lion after connecting to Windows 7

Hi Experts

My WD Passport suddenly locked to Read only mode after connecting to Windows 7 OS Laptop.

I was using it as R/W mode earlier and gave no problem till yesterday.

Do we have any solution on this as i dont want to reformat since my data on HDD is around 400GB.




Hello all

I found the temporary solution for this here is the procedure :


First ensure that your NTFS drive has a simple single-word name, and then go to the Applications > Utilities folder and launch the Terminal program. In here, run the following command to edit the fstab file (supply your password when prompted):

fstab file contents

Enter this line into the fstab file, changing the label “NAME” to match that of your drive.

(Credit: Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET)

sudo nano /etc/fstab

The Terminal should now show an editor window for the fstab file, in which you can enter the following all on one line. Be sure to change the word NAME to the name of your drive (it is case-sensitive):

LABEL=NAME none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse

When finished, press Control-O to save the file, followed by Control-X to exit, and then unmount your NTFS drive and attach it again. When you do so, the system will no longer immediately show it in the Finder, but you can go back to the Terminal and run the following command to reveal it in the hidden Volumes directory where the system mounts all attached drives:

open /Volumes


Good luck