WD Passport Drive and Logitech Wireless Keyboard

I am running a WD Passport USB drive [P/N: WDBYNN0010BB-0B], with Windows 10. My Logitech Wireless Keyboard [K270, also with the Wireless Mouse, M185] stop functioning. The mouse works fine most of the time. Although I have experienced both the mouse/keyboard becoming non-responsive. .If I pull the Passport’s USB cable, the mouse/keyboard become totally responsive.

I’ve updated all drives for the three devices. I uninstalled all three devices in Device Manager, and I have rebooted. Nothing seems to cure this issue. If I want to use my keyboard, I have to pull the USB plug from the Passport. What must I do to cure this problem?


We would recommend you try the drive with a different computer using a different USB cable and see if the issue still persists.

For any other assistance, you can contact us via live chat or open a support ticket so we can provide technical help.


sounds like a USB port power issue.

try a different computer

if it is a USB port power issue then i guess the only solution is to buy a powered USB hub.