WD Passport Does Not Show Up

My laptop was slowly starting to die so I backed up everything on my 1 TB Passport (WDBACX0010BBK) and sent the computer off to Geek Squad to get fixed and have it completely wiped.  Now, the computer is back, totally up to date and whenever I plug the hard drive in, the light will come on and I can hear it and feel it working, but the computer won’t register it.  It does not show up in My Computer, and before anyone mentions Disk Management, it doesn’t show up there either.  I’ve heard of looking in Device Manager, however the only thing I can find listed is WDC WD3200BEVS-26VATO, and this may sound silly, but I don’t know if that’s it.  I updated the driver software just in case on it anyway, and it says it has the best software already.  Also, no, I have not dropped it, banged it, or dunked it in water, so I don’t think it’s the hardware itself.  Also, I have moved it around to other USB ports on the computer, so it’s not just that the USB port is messed up.

Any ideas?  I’d rather not have to wait an entire month again (that’s how long it took with my computer) to get my files back.


Please connect your drive in a different computer just to make sure the drive is working properly and begin the correct trouble shoot.

Same thing happens when I plug it into any other computer.

have same problem

but my passport does not even show up in the device manager

whats wrong with western digital…lus no one is replying to posts with similar issue. I have a similar issue with my hard drive and western digital has refused to help me with it

akshayb90, technical Support is not going to be posting here.  This is a user to user forum.  In order for this to be looked into by WD’s support group, you will need to contact Technical Support.  You can do so either by phone or email.

I emailed and called and they’ve agreed to send a complimentary “power boost cable” to see if that helps.  Anyone else who has this problem, just give them a call.

Received the cable.  Plugged it in.  Problem still persists.  This is stupid.  Thanks for nothing, Western Digital.