WD Passport - Could not get Win 7 OS Disk after back up Win XP


At first, I backed up my Win 7 OS, I could find my WD drive.

After that, I used WD passport to back up Win XP from another PC with the disk size of only 25GB.

I do not have any problem in booting Win 7 from it at the new PC after that.  However I find that the WD Passport drive is now default at the XP drive.

I could not find my Win 7 OS drive which has a larger disk space of over 450GB.

May I know how to change by default back to Win 7 OS whenever I plug in WD Passport ?



If you need to see the files for your Windows 7 or Windows XP backup, you can explore the passport manually and search for the Smartware.swstor folder, inside this folder you will see your two backups.

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Thanks for your reply.