WD Passport can't get mounted

I have a 2 month old WD Passport 4TB. On it is a NTFS partition or at least was. Since yesterday I’m unable to do anything with the hard drive. I was copying many files via rsync on it and suddenly it stopped. I wasn’t able to unmount so I pulled the plug eventually.

I’ve tried running Data Lifeguard Diagnostic but it doesn’t run if the hard drive is plugged it. It loads endlessly and only finished if I unplug the hard drive.
In Windows it displays the drive but without any information about size. In Linux it displays the size in the file manager (Dolphin). For both of them it’s the same issue, if I try to access the hard drive the application freezes.
So I’m running testdisk’s quick search to find the partition but it’s so slow. I’ve been running it now for 2 hours and it only analysed 64 cylinders of 486395. It didn’t found any partitions yet. Here’s the output:

Disk /dev/sdb1 - 4000 GB / 3725 GiB - CHS 486396 255 63
Analyse cylinder    64/486395: 00%

The light of the hard drive is just blinking if plugged in and it’s spinning. Can I ever restore the data on this hard drive?