WD Passport - Can not view contents on drive HELP

Hello, I am needing some help. A little while ago I accidentially dropped my WD My Passport 3.0. When this happened I believe some damage occured to the USB cable. It was working fine for about another month therefore I hadnt thought anything of it, then all of a sudden it has stopped working…? I can plug it in and view my folders however if I try and open a folder it stops working and my PC advises that I need to format the drive… which then advises if I am to do this it will wipe all of the content on the drive…? I have a lot of saved personal items on the drive and therefore would be very upset if I were to loose the items, any thoughts? Is it a problem with the drive itself or with the USB connection? Your helpd would be much appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the WD community. 

It is possible that the files got corrupted. If you need to recover them, it might be possible with the help of a data recovery program; several options should appear using Google.